ZTE Firefox Smartphone For Sale on eBay

The new Firefox Smartphone has been made available on eBay as of August in a bold move by Chinese manufacturer ZTE.  Brought to market in Spain, Venezuela and Columbia on the Telefonica network, the ZTE Open marked the first time U.S. and U.K. citizens alike could get their hands on the distinctive handset through retail channels.

And, Firefox has shown some creative thinking by partnering with smartphone OEM ZTE to sell the inexpensive ZTE Open worldwide via eBay for $80.

Yes, you heard that right. ZTE will sell the smartphone globally over eBay. By doing this, the Firefox operating will reach a worldwide market without needing to jump through the telephone carriers’ hoops. It’s an outside the box idea and, who knows, it might just work.

ZTE has been pleased with the initial demand, and hopes sales will eventually reach 200,000 units. In an interview with journalists  the companies vice-president said,”On the whole, the sales have been pretty good, especially on eBay and with third-party retailers”.

The ZTE Open is one of the first Firefox OS smartphones that is powered completely by Web technologies. “Firefox OS features a revolutionary new search capability that allows the device to adapt to the user’s changing needs and is only built into Firefox OS. Swipe to the right from the home screen and enter a search term and the phone will customize itself to that search. For example, search for an artist and get results to buy songs, watch music videos, buy concert tickets and even listen to them instantly without having to download and install any apps,” explained ZTE in a press release


Does the World need the New Firefox Movil?

The new Firefox mobile phone is soon to arrive in its first markets around the world. The month of June has been mentioned by a number of people connected with the launch, but whether or not this target date is met remains to be seen.

Madrid based GeeksPhone has released its two models Keon and Peak as of mid-April, but these are “developer models” which are stripped down frameworks  still requiring apps in order to be brought up to market readiness for the buying public. The speed which the thousand they sold out bodes well for the general public launch to come, but as to whether the apps development will have been completed and manufacturers can implement these new creations into the designs in time for a June deadline is still the outstanding wild card.

There is a great deal of anticipation in a number of quarters for this new Firefox mobile. The Html5 base has the advantage of opening up the app development process to thousands more developers who are engaged in this process as we write and this move to a pure Html5 base is what backers are hoping will prove to be a game-changer in the mobile phone market which Google and iPhone utterly dominate at this time.

Market analysts predict that the new Firefox phone will garner a mere 1% of the world market in 2013, but backers such as Telefonica of Spain are eager to gain access to the hundreds of millions of potential customers who are not yet smartphone users and the new Firefox mobile seems to be the best chance they have to break into this market. It would appear that Mozilla as an open source non-profit company that has one third of the world market with its browser is just the right player to help make all this happen given its visibility and credibility.

It is unlikely the new Firefox mobile will make much of an impact in the United States in the near future given the sophisticated nature of the smartphone consumer base, but this is not the market share being targeted. The Spanish speaking  Americas where the public is getting more and more sophisticated every day in its use of online web-based technology is where this new Firefox phone hopes to find its home,….and this will be a World changer if it happens.

¿Necesita el mundo el Nuevo Firefox Móvil?

El nuevo teléfono móvil de Firefox pronto llegara a sus primeros mercados de todo el mundo. El mes de junio ha sido mencionado por una serie de personas relacionadas con la puesta en marcha, pero si esta fecha límite se cumple aún está por verse.

GeeksPhone madrid ha lanzado su dos modelos Keon y pico a mediados de abril, pero se trata de “modelos de desarrollador”, que son despojados por los marcos que aún requieren aplicaciones con el fin de ser educados a la preparación del mercado para el público comprador. La velocidad que los miles que se agotó es un buen augurio para el lanzamiento público en general a venir, pero si el desarrollo de aplicaciones se han completado y los fabricantes pueden aplicar estas nuevas creaciones en los diseños a tiempo para una fecha límite de junio sigue siendo la pendiente natural tarjeta.

Hay una gran cantidad de anticipación en un número de cuartos de este nuevo Firefox móvil. La base de HTML5 tiene la ventaja de abrir el proceso de desarrollo de aplicaciones a miles de desarrolladores que se dedican a este proceso como se escribe y este movimiento a una base de HTML5 puro es lo que los partidarios esperan que resultará ser un cambio de juego en el mercado de los teléfonos móvil que Google y el iPhone dominan completamente en este momento.

Los analistas del mercado prevén que el nuevo teléfono Firefox va a obtener un mero 1% del mercado mundial en 2013, pero los partidarios como Telefónica de España están dispuestos a acceder a los cientos de millones de clientes potenciales que aún no son usuarios de teléfonos inteligentes y la nueva Firefox móvil parece ser la mejor oportunidad que tienen para entrar en este mercado. Al parecer, Mozilla como una empresa sin fines de lucro de código abierto que tiene un tercio del mercado mundial con su navegador es sólo el jugador de la derecha para ayudar a que todo esto suceda, dada su visibilidad y credibilidad.

Es poco probable que el nuevo Firefox móvil hará un gran impacto en los Estados Unidos en un futuro próximo, dada la naturaleza sofisticada de la base de consumidores de teléfonos inteligentes, pero esto no es la cuota de mercado que se intenta llegar. América Latina, donde el público es cada vez más sofisticados cada día en su uso de la tecnología basada en la web en línea es que este nuevo teléfono Firefox espera encontrar su casa, …. y esto va a ser un cambio mundial si se produce.